It’s New Year Again


My looks , my appearance!!!

   We are so easy to judge that young lady who isn’t properly dressed but always ready to welcome that dirty prostitute who hide her mask behind  decent dresses and fake manners.
   We are so quick to walk out that poorly dressed man who we think has no class but ready to accept that wretch borrowed personality who looks wealthy and rich !!
    Judgement from Appearance  can never be 100% accurate!!!
    Before you open your mouth to condemn, close your eyes to appearance first. .. Let your judgement don’t come from it only but from a collective evidence to back your judgement.

Note: it is not in your power to condemn another fellow… But help correct that fellow.

Change for the better
Change for your self
Change for your family
Change for the man you love
Change for the woman you love
And change from evil to good for God loves you and always want the best for you.
It’s new year again! !!!
Happy New year from me