Sex Pill
Awake my sleeping appetite

spoon me till I want no more.. 

Your race is to quench my fire. 

Burnt desire, pleased pleasure
Sit up, don’t dull this moment. 

Take over the cover, beneath 

Let’s start what we can finish

The moon is set to watch and 

The stars await our moaning. 
Darling, please walk slowly

I don’t want this journey, end. 

Take your time, work on me. 

I need a repair for I despair. 
Increase my dose, 

increase your speed. 

I need the magic.

Spice up those fingers, 

To create a pathway

For what is mighty, I seek. 

Gently, rock the boat, 

And let the storm begin. 
Ride till you break down

I Will fix you back 

Like it’s emergency. 

You ride, I ride

You turn, I turn

But don’t stop

I’m on my way. 

Running to you in 

the middle of somewhere
I can’t go back

The beginning is far. 

Spoon me till I want no more.. 







        I Don’t Care If The Air Is Pregnant Or If The Sea Is Richer Than The Land. It Is Not My Concern If The Moon Is A Prostitute.

        Night is beautiful and Day is jealous of it. I spoke with a butterfly, who tattooed the air with her colours. I love to dream while awake to see everything writing this piece. 

The wall have ears, so I talk to them. 

Fishes can sing so I danced with them. 

I sleep while awake, my eyes don’t blink. 

So don’t tell me I am late for the show, while I am the show. 

 I imagine what you think is going on in my head… 


ONE Moment

I spoke with my mind on issues beyond my understanding.
I worried because I see the powers that’ll blow us away.
If you build on sticks, the wind will destroy it. Therefore, think deeper than deep, outline your measure and chance your challenge.
For days are coming when clouds with run away, the sky will be naked and empty to share.
Prepare for battle that no man can win except the chosen whose feet is bare.
Count your teeth,
Taste your tongue,
The storm is coming, how ready are you?
Umbrellas aren’t safe, so build a Save house.
I warn today, the teacher I say,
Clean the boards, rewrite the formula, Change the Pattern.
The wicked is wise and kind is dumb. Hello to your goodbye and save my tears.

:Vellystopper writings