You cry with tears

I cry with thoughts

You sleep with dreams

My dreams awake realities. 

~Velly Stopper



My life is simply complicated,

I don’t understand the role I play in life anymore.

it feels like looking in a picture with no image.

I’m here but there is no history about me.

I’m living because others are still alive.

Counting the days hoping one day will be different from others.

Wishing one smile from you can make me laugh.

I need him today, tomorrow I let him walk away.

 As mistake ruins the day and regrets at night.
Trees don’t hustle yet they grow better than you.

You wrestle for love that will murder you in the open.

You fight for justice and after

you condemn the innocent.

You struggle to survive but life will leave when you need it the most.

You wait for time that doesn’t care about you.

You are living in a world that is crazy with mad people.

Then, everybody will chase the wind, run after smoke, try to touch the air.

The supernatural laughs at us, playing us like a toy… Dummies.

Working for evil, Blinded with wealth, Hungry for money.

The true fact is we die with nothing, nothing… No thing.