Sex Pill
Awake my sleeping appetite

spoon me till I want no more.. 

Your race is to quench my fire. 

Burnt desire, pleased pleasure
Sit up, don’t dull this moment. 

Take over the cover, beneath 

Let’s start what we can finish

The moon is set to watch and 

The stars await our moaning. 
Darling, please walk slowly

I don’t want this journey, end. 

Take your time, work on me. 

I need a repair for I despair. 
Increase my dose, 

increase your speed. 

I need the magic.

Spice up those fingers, 

To create a pathway

For what is mighty, I seek. 

Gently, rock the boat, 

And let the storm begin. 
Ride till you break down

I Will fix you back 

Like it’s emergency. 

You ride, I ride

You turn, I turn

But don’t stop

I’m on my way. 

Running to you in 

the middle of somewhere
I can’t go back

The beginning is far. 

Spoon me till I want no more.. 





2 thoughts on “SEX PILL”

  1. This is good work. Your poem moves so effortlessly out of the realm of the erotic into the more realistic realm of feeling and emotion. It is, in the final analysis, a very sensitive poem about love.

    Liked by 1 person

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