The Soundless Radio. #My Writing Words#

A Piece of writings like a poem.


A beautiful dawn
A bright smiling day
A hope that comes with a smirk
A ride to the land of hilarity
Could this be a dream?
Am I still in the world of imagination?
*where there is no limitation in creation
*only a few doors, many windows of motivation.
Yes, I feel it, I feel the power that grows with the trees.
Being facile to grow without hustling, struggling but surviving.
   It is not magic but nature
   Nature beyond my reasoning.
I have been friends with the trees for years, waiting and waiting with my ears, hoping to divulge the secrets of the past, that helps modify the present, beautify the future.


A time different from time
A way leading to a way
Another new chapter of an ancient past
A life that look new but old. . . older than your imagination.


I am taking a walk to the unknown
Wondering why the world is cold, lonely and old.
Pictures can lie but my mirror don’t
I have never trusted a picture since I made friends with my mirror. . . .
Truth is all that matters.
But how truthful can truth be?
If something can be old, rusted and destroyed but still be created back,
Isn’t it new again?
A lie that shouldn’t be known. What a package!!!
   How wise can wisdom be?
What was use to create wisdom,
Since through wisdom, all things were created?
   A priceless tool with many price tags, isn’t that what she called you?
Wisdom, my spotless one.
We all seek you but you choose who you wanted… Isn’t that a sign of war?
How painful, I feel rejected. . .
All alone with no memories
And you are wondering why?
You murdered me yet you search for my killer. . . . isn’t that a sign of deceit?


It’s all useless, I get your point
Everything I worked for, would be dust blown by the wind, just as you commanded from the very beginning of creation. 
  What can I do? Than watch you
Kill with mercy,
Smile with frown,
Love with anger. . .


I sat there, under the tree
Listening to this words as they flow by
Then, she ran a step closer to me
Quickly, her words flowed into my ears
Shhhh. . . be quiet!!! For I listen to the Soundless radio. . . as noisy as a playing piano.
News!  News! ! News! ! !
What is so new about news?
People act the best they can,
You hunger for news?
Nothing is new, nothing is news!
I’m exhausted, my blood is faintly
Thristy for your wages..
    My mind stays awake even when I sleep with the dreamer.
    Alert. . to control the play of the gamer.
    So wise of me . . . . not being a loser,
When it comes to romancing the soul of a lover.
     Deep in love, I’ll sail the ocean of the maker, to his throne I’ll take a rest to reconcile us again, till the future is hopeful again.   
           Words from my Soundless radio.




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