THE GAZE


August 26th 2005.

   With the freshness of the morning breath and the singing birds, I could sense the sweetness of the beginning day. Waking up earlier than before, was a sign of something that made me stay on positive, waiting for my special package delivery of happiness.
   Having breakfast at 7:06am, packed my books and other study materials in to my bag, rushed to school.
   At school, same faces as usual I keep seeing. School wasn’t something special to me, my friends rather the classmates I had, were just like any other human beings you can find on the road. That is to say, I had no special friend,  twas just me, myself and I, like I said earlier in page 1.
   I sit close to the window in the front roll of the classroom, always minding my business, no relation, no discussion just me. Sometimes I wonder why I’m so lonely, may be it is because I’m not attractive enough or I have a bad luck in friendship but at the same time I think it’s cool to be lonely. I had my first period of lesson on physics, it wasn’t something special but all i know is I had to read harder to be able to make the best grades that will make me proud of me.
    26th August 2005, being a friday, I had lots of free periods. Fridays are our free day in school,  got few lesson periods and the rest of the day are free periods for us. Class so noisy, everyone having loud talks, laughing and playing like they’re in so much fun.  Looking at me, is me with my novel and my desk, no need to be told that I was the loneliest girl in the class. I couldn’t focus on my novel because of noisy class, so I had to stare outside the window into the world of imagination, where I can only experience true chance of freedom. Imagining myself finding love, finding happiness, finding wealth and success. I’ve  always wanted a boyfriend, someone who will be mine, someone I can share me with, my thoughts and life experiences. I never gave up on my imaginations and I never stopped imagining.
   Few minutes later, the school bell rang, I’m done for the day so I packed up my books, fixed up my desk and left school for home, I walked home all alone.
    It was so boring at home,  I had no more interesting novels to read, I had no friends to visit, so I decided to go for a walk down the neighborhood. I had a beautiful neighborhood, nice houses with expensive cars, it was a beautiful environment a nice place to live in.
Walking eight houses away from mine leads to Helena’s house. Helena was a senior student at school, pretty loving girl though she was always ready to bully us the juniors. Getting close to her house, I could see her with a boyfriend, talking and laughing. She called out to me,  hey!!!  Hi Helena I replied. She walking up to me and for the first time she embraced me.
Where you heading to? She asked me. Walking to nowhere. .. I answered.
Will you like to join us? She asked
Yeah…. I said.
I sat beside her, feeling so shy and not knowing what to say. The boyfriend said to me.
Hi, I’m Charles. Nice to meet you. His hands out in the air waiting for an handshake from me.
Hi, I’m Velly, nice to meet you too. I replied.
You’re beautiful, can I be a friend? He asked.
Honestly, at that moment I didn’t know what to say but the words popped out Yes…. Friends.  He smiled at me.
I asked Helena if she had some novels to spare me for sometime,  she gave me some then I left.
   The day came for me to return back her novel, I went down to her house,  I saw her mom in the sitting room.
Ohh look who we have here! ! Young velly stopper! ! (She always call me young Velly Stopper) how are you today? She asked me.
Very well ma’am, I replied, I seek Helena, is she around?
Yes, she is in her room,  that’s second room on your left, she said.
Thanks ma, me smiling.
Got to Helena’s room, she got headphones on, wearing a short black stony gown laying on her bed, She smiled at me as I walking in.
Hi Helena, I said.
Her room was so beautiful and expensive, she is a fat cat definitely living in an expensive house, being the only child she always got all that she asked for.
You brought back my novels, she said.
Yes, I really loved reading those novels, quite an interesting stories, thanks again for lending them to me but do you mind if I borrow some New ones? I requested. Sure, you can, I’ve got lots on the book shelf over there, she said pointing to the pink book shelf at the corner. Going through the books on the books shelf. Charles walked in, without mind Helena he came straight to me. .
He said, Hi friend, i’m so happy to see you here. I see, you do come here often…
Not really just when I need to pick or return Helena’s novels. I replied him.
He smiled at me again saying, I like you…. I do see you around the neighborhood, I’m quite sure you never noticed me staring at you for sometimes now.
Ermmm…. No, I replied. Do you live around here? I asked him. 
No I don’t but I’m always around if you want to see me, he answered.
He walked over to Helena saying, I do like your friend so much, she is the girl I told you about.
Yeahh, she’s beautiful I can see Helena said.
At that moment, I really wanted to leave but Charles held my hands not saying a word but kept staring at me.
I didn’t like the atmosphere in the room and the way he looked into my eyes…. Making me scared of something I don’t know, I’m feeling so shy to say a word, looking like a coy.
I have to leave now, I’ve got school work to do at home, I said.
No no no don’t leave yet, Charles demanded, can I get your number please?
I looked at Helena and she said yeah please give him.
So I gave him my number and he promised to call me later in the day.
On my way out, Helena held me back and said, Charles is my Ex boyfriend, We broke up few months ago…. I guess he likes you so much, he is a nice guy and I’m sure you’ll like him too. .. But please Velly don’t hurt him, always be nice to him.
Okay I said, I’ll try my best to be nice to him Helena. I smiled.
So Charles walked me out the gate, he wanted to walk me down to my house but I refused. So he went back to Helena’s.


I just wanted to be alone in the field … To be back to my world of imaginations where everything is possible. Where time can’t be an impeding barrier.


To be continued. …..
(PG 3)

Thanks Friends for reading! !!

Follow up for more interesting stories and life experiences.


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