The Girl And Loneliness. (Page 1)


5th November 2015.

Beauty has nothing to do with an empty self. What more can I ask for? when all I get is nothing!!
My name is Velly Stopper and this is just the beginning of a lifeless being filled with vibes,  a route to excitement with emptiness and lonely mind.
The world wished they could be me because life gave them another view which the thought of was fun. A lie that shouldn’t be told again. What more can I get? Walking on a road, my feet can’t touch? Laughing so loud that my lips hissed with saddness. Hoping on a love that always dances in the dark, mocking me. Trying to be good when my benevolence turns into a demon with a beautiful smile.
All arrows pointing to me with the best gifts in their hands, smiling and saying sweet words of encouragement. Everyone thought I had it all,  She’s so lucky!!! They said.  Wait till I unveil and open up each gifts, which I did, only to find nothing but loneliness… Why why why!!!! How can they do such a cruel thing to me? We’ve been friends for long, yet all you left me with is nothing but loneliness.
My pictures can smile to you but I don’t care if you can’t get its right  understanding, never to trust a picture.
I am worth more, that I kept hoping on, waiting for a better tomorrow as days passes by yet I can’t find something new, something different, something interesting…. Just me and loneliness, best companion life has to offer me, a gift I can’t reject because I am helpless, hopeless and already tired of waiting for wait, tired of hoping on hope, tired of looking for love, the more I search, the more I lose the little ones I have. Things never got better. Those I trusted where the ones who hurts me the most! Friendship I thought would never end, ended in a blink of an eye.
Yes,  I heard it too, I heard you wishing me nothing but a lonely life…. Me, myself and i, like a trinity of oneself. I’ll sink with sorrow and drink loneliness till I get full and ready to give up my ghost… Yes those were your words.
How happy are you now? Watching me sit alone, eat alone, sleep alone, talk alone like I’m the only one living on earth? Why why why



         Velly stopper
The Girl and loneliness!!!

To be continued. ..!! (In page 2)


8 thoughts on “The Girl And Loneliness. (Page 1)”

  1. Loneliness!… It’s an In Thing… Guess it has to do with how much joy radiates on your inside.
    When we dont connect with our authentic self and the love that naturally exist inside… we fill empty…
    However, Wen we find our purpose and chase what we value… we get filled.


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