A Chance of True Freedom


” A Chance of True Freedom “.( Writing words~~~Words with no voice)

Live a life of laughter
Forget about the sadness of the day.
Be bold and brighter
Even when you are free from battle. .
Stand out like a cloud
Standing with no ground beneath it’s feet
Let them see the golden eye of the day
But be blind to the evil eye of the night
Say truth even when truth refuses to be revealed…
Let the sword of sincerity destroy lies forever…
The world is over shadowed with secrets, mindless mind roaming the streets
Doom awaits those who are doomed
To the pit of hell, lies the bones of those who were evil… Welcoming all to its evil
Path… This is hell, it’s says
How silent can the Creator be?
Will his silence tells he is Defeated?
Can a creature win a creator?
How powerful can power be?
Forgiveness creates room for danger
Second chances ruins the day
Giving joy to mistakes and regrets.
No way out, we are in this forever.. Together!!
Yes I know,  all these I knew…
From the very beginning, day was created through wisdom
Like they say “everything was created through wisdom ”
Then what was used to create wisdom?
I asked… Silence filled their hearts…
Answers disappeared
Like I was a different being of all beings…
All eyes speaking to me in a strange way
I was humbled and silent.
Just as the day never stop coming
My thoughts kept on flowing. ..
I said, you can only say a word at a time
Walk on a path and not two
Be in a place at a time
Everything too slow!!! I questioned
Why are we the most limited of all creatures created by the Creator?
Why punish with love?
Why sing with tears?
Why kill with mercy?
Give us a chance to be us again
Ruling our world like the beginning…


“A Chance of True Freedom “.

                 World of imagination
With no limitations!!!      

By:  Velly Stopper


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