My writing words

Words with no voice!!


Words that kept coming!!!

It was on 1st November, being Sunday, Sitting right there on a white chair in my room facing the left Window and smiling at the sunny afternoon. My writing words began and this was what I wrote:
Crying won’t stop pains from flowing through your vain!!
Whispers of dried tears will only leave a traceable lines on my face!!
Why is darkness so dark?
Why is light so bright?
It is only a design made by nature!
Loneliness is only an emptiness no vacancy. ..
I’m living a life like I’m the only soul on earth, on one around to see my face!!
So good with the pretence of my face and hide true feelings of the heart!!
Love chases all it can but left me with emptiness and self.
How many scars would you leave on my heart?
I’ve been strong enough to endure my pain but this scars can never be erased. .. Its like a mark of the ending arrows marked on its target.
The speed and distance fully determined, just a little strength is needed to push through. Till I give up the ghost and return to my creator, who is the greatest maker of all things beautiful on heavens, earth and below worlds. Till he get tired of creating, only then I’ll rest with him forever in a secret door with seven locks of an eye look, where hearts are the only keys needed to unlock the secret paths of knowledge and wisdom, with you all dressed in white as a sign of purity and sincerity, before you, a test is laid and that you must overcome without a flow of blood both good and bad, which only brings dirtiness and corruption of the minds of man.
I see a white dove speaking in eighteen Madish languages of the wise men, I was only welcomed once, when I was so pure in spirit till I lost all purity, becoming evil like other hearts are, now I regret, my benefits are all denying me because of a drop of evil.
I can remember how “most beloved, the favorite known as the Brightest morning one ” sneaked through in the absence of the watching spirits,  standing and guiding the doors of evil.. Which was forbidden to all including “the Brightest morning one “. But he was made different with a different view of thoughts and understanding, which made him find joy in releasing and setting evil free. ~~~~
Now, I know he regrets his actions .. Evil was most dangerous of all things created and locked by the watching spirits.
We tore our white robes in anger and screamed at “the Brightest morning one “… What have you done? I said, why let evil trick you? You have brought to us the punishments we never deserved!!! I cried out loud till the creator heard my cry from the second layer of the Ecaris.  Once his presence seized the moment.. We bowed with respect because he is the Greatest, All hail the creator and singing praises to his holy name.
Our spirits could not merge because one of us is unclean and poisoned, like a strange spirit filled with mixtures of the unknown.. There was confusion everywhere, every corner, every regions,  power seized its breath, existence paused, and life reduced.
Something is wrong.
A time is changed.
A beast was born on that same day “the Brightest morning one ” fell in love with evil,  a Secret commitment for eternity and a bond that can’t be separated, like a spiritual javinier curse on dark powers.
For the first time, the Holy one had a strange face like a mixture of confusion and saddness. Moments passed then He gained all powers again because he is the creator of all though bounds were touched and cracks were made.
The brightest morning one tried to change process of process, thing we never or imagined to imagine in our hearts.  He brought confusion, pain, saddness, all this comes only from evil, whom he fell in love with, a wrong choice he thought was right!!! Till he felt the same pain as we all did… But it’s too late,  evil is loosed from bound.. All he could say was I AM  SORRY (PI TA JIAKE)  A strange tongue of words never known to us.
The holy one who is forever merciful and his love is for eternity, through love the punishment he could give to the Brightest morning one,  was to have him thrown down with evil his new companion,  away from righteousness  and love, into a section where his desires to rule as a king could be fulfilled.
You can see how merciful the creator is!!! Giving the Brightest morning one a chance to fully taste his desires of kingship and see how it ends.  A lesson to us all.
Evil can never be good!! Forever seperation that no power can emerge!!!


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